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High-end residential complexes ought to have a user-friendly and classy visitor management system to offer a smooth and service-oriented identity verification experience that befits the prestige of the development and the residents. It is a security dilemma – how stringent should the security checks be for respected guests of the residents to minimise hassle, yet effective enough to achieve the very important goal of maintaining fail-safe security for residents?

Guardforce’s smart Visitor Management System uses technology to resolve this dilemma. Not only does the solution ensure a pleasant customer experience, management and security, it also improves efficiency for workflow, and makes the entire security check process seamless through just a click on a dedicated app.

How our visitor management system works

The solution delivers a pleasant experience for residents. After adopting the Green Box, a panel is placed at the guard post. It uses the Object Recognition (OCR) technology to recognise a visitor. The device will scan the photo ID of the visitor, and the scan image will be transmitted to the resident that the visitor intends to visit. The scan will show the resident exactly who the visitor is so the resident can decide whether access will be approved. When the resident confirms to admit the visitor, the security personnel will grant access based on that instruction. The whole process becomes simpler and more secure.

The solution also enhances security operations. It uses an i-cloud based app and dedicated device to manage the entire process, from recording attendance to generating incident reports and photos for evidence when required. All relevant information is up-loaded to the cloud platform for storage. This replaces the traditional manual method and makes visitor management and all related back-room operations much more efficient, with minimal exposure to human errors. This application is ideal for use in high-end residential complexes.


Guardforce’s smart Visitor Management System offers the following benefits to the management company:

  • Minimise paperwork
  • Easy tracing of all daily operational records
  • Traceable visitors record to comply with public health control regulations for prevention of COVID-19
  • Record-keeping of all visitors’ ID for future reference
  • Screen out unwelcome visitors
  • More effective crime prevention
  • Better data capturing for reporting and analysis
  • Facilitate outcome-based security
  • Speed up security process and response time
  • Easy visitor management monitoring

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