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Smart Fire Alarm System

A cost-effective smart fire alarm system at your premises

No up-front cost to deploy a fire alarm system that keeps your premises always safe

Having an always-on fire alarm system doesn’t have to be a major undertaking requiring remodeling and rewiring of your premises.

Guardforce has introduced an easy-to-install smart fire alarm solution that requires no cabling or maintenance. This hassle-free DIY smart fire alarm system is so easy to install that anyone can get it set up instantaneously.

Once the fire alarm is installed, its sensor can detect the smoke and heat level of the premises.  When the Bluetooth-enabled smart fire alarm system detects abnormal smoke or heat, it will immediately issue an alert to designated mobile devices through an app. Each device is able to monitor an area of 169 square metres (approximately 1,800 square feet).

There is no concern about the battery life of the fire alarm system, as it has been certified to last for approximately 10 years. It is compliant with the SigFox standard, a wireless interface developed to enable minimum amount of power usage for any communications to take place. It is supported in Thailand nation-wide for minimal power usage.

The smart fire alarm system is made available through a monitoring subscription service. No up-front cost for purchasing the device or installation is required. The service package offers flexible and cost-effective options, making it highly affordable for any application, from individual homes to residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Guardforce’s smart Fire Alarm System offers the following benefits to all users:

  • Reliable, each device is able to monitor nearly 170 sqm
  • Sensor detection of abnormal smoke or heat
  • Alerts issued via dedicated mobile app to designated mobile devices
  • SigFox-standard low-power usage for long-lasting battery power of 10 years
  • Simple and easy to install, no cabling and maintenance required
  • Flexible costing and affordable, through a monitoring subscription package
  • Scalable, for residential and commercial use

Contact us for a free consultation on how it can help you to maintain a reliable and cost-effective smart fire alarm system.

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