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Robots for security and customer service

Robots for security and customer service

Guardforce Thailand is at the forefront of devising Robotics Solutions to carry out security and commercial functions.

Robotics solutions make use of robots to take overhuman tasks. Robotics are increasingly adopted with proven benefits for workforce optimisation. Multifunctional and fully automated robots offer consistent performance as well as manpower saving. 

Such solutions offer enormous potential and benefits, notably in the area of manpower optimisation. Robotic solutions offer these benefits:

  • Consistent performance
  • Fully automated
  • Multifunctional
  • Manpower saving

Guardforce Thailand’s Robotics Solutions include:

Security Patrol Robot

  • Patrol on pre-set routes
  • Remote surveillance
  • Gas & temperature detection
  • Ideal for night and extreme weather patrol

Concierge Robot

  • Multi-media information distribution
  • Card access reminder, visitor registration
  • Security monitoring
  • Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, events, advertising & promotion

Home Robo-guard:

  • Patrol by self-navigation, pre-set route or remote control
  • Video surveillance 
  • Issue alerts on suspicious movements
  • Remote voice communication via mobile phone

Guardforce Thailand provides personalised consultation service to help tailor robotics functions for each client to achieve the objectives for security, marketing and customer service.

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