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Automated solution for labor optimization


Automated solution for labor optimization

Multi-functional and fully automated robots have enormous potential and proven benefits in optimizing manpower and consistent performance, delivering value-added commercial functions and making offices and homes much more secure. They are enabled for self-navigation, real-time positioning, automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic recharging with no human supervision needed.

Innovative technologies such as AI, IoT and self-navigation have elevated robot performance so much that they can be relied upon to multi-task and take care of highly sophisticated assignments. This is why robots such as security robots and patrol robots are now more commonly deployed by the commercial sector. This trend is also being accelerated by a shortage of manpower in certain fields and the impact of COVID-19.

The Guardforce Security Solution is a service solution powered by smart robots to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Our cloud-based intelligent robots are able to perform customer services and security tasks expected of a security robot or a patrol robot.

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The customer service robot is ideal as

  • Event ambassador
  • Attention generator
  • Concierge
  • Product marketing campaign medium
  • Elderly’s companion
  • Educational tool for students



A security robot operational 24/7 has become a popular option for partnering with human security personnel to perform optimal environment monitoring tasks. It is reliable, consistent in performance and ideal for mobile monitoring. It can take over security duties in odd hours and adverse weather conditions to reduce human exposure to risks and optimise security manpower deployment. Equipped with different features, the patrol robot can function indoors and outdoors and even in dimly lit environments. This solution is ideal for shopping malls, industrial sites, school campuses and large complexes which need high standards of security.


The Guardforce Security Robot has the following features

  • Four eyes panoramic night vision camera
  • Thermal image camera
  • Microphone
  • Motion status indicator
  • Emergency button
  • Collision sensor
  • Display screen

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