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Facial Recognition

The least invasive biometrics and data is captured effortlessly and accurately

Using facial recognitionto boost security and VIP service

Guardforce Thailand adopts highly sophisticated Facial Recognition technology to conduct bio-surveillance.

Able to identify multiple faces in real-time in crowded or changeable environments, Facial Recognition technology can be integrated with CCTVs to carry out fully automatic and non-invasive surveillance across multiple cameras to identify individuals in whitelists or blackliststhrough biometric calculations, even if the people have different expressions or clothing, at a speed 40 times faster than traditional systems.

Guardforce Thailand offers Facial Recognition technology for multiple functions, including:

  • Real-time surveillance – perfect for surveillance of crowded areas such as airports, malls, railway stations and stadiums
  • Access control –a cost-effective means for monitoring entrances and exits critical to maintaining a facility’s safety
  • Marketing – significant potential in enhancing customer service by identifying VIPs to enable corresponding instantaneous service delivery


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