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Now much more than a passive surveillance tool

Integrating new technologies with CCTV forms a powerful combination

CCTV in Thailand has always been an effective deterrent against unauthorized access to premises and forms the first line of defense of any robust electronic security system. But by combining CCTV with new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT), it can now be used for a lot more.

Guardforce, as a leading innovator in electronic security, has integrated state-of-the-art technology to make a simple CCTV camera into much more than a passive surveillance tool.

Surveillance cameras can now be equipped with powerful video analytics tools to automatically detect crowd flow and identify abnormal or dangerous situations. By leveraging the IoT, this real-time data can be sent to monitoring stations for analysis and action. Video analytics are also very useful for retailers who can use the data to drive marketing and merchandising decisions.

As part of a smart city, surveillance cameras and on-street sensors connected through the IoT can be used to keep track of the usage and availability of curbside loading/unloading bays. The information is then displayed on panels installed at nearby junctions and an online app, so the use of these facilities can be optimized. This system can also be employed to combat illegal parking and show the availability of car parking spaces.

Guardforce has also integrated the latest facial recognition software with CCTV giving an extra level of protection and functionality. Ideal for office buildings, malls, schools, hospitals, and other large public facilities, the technology automatically alerts operators if an unauthorized individual is spotted. It can also be used to track subjects, identify VIPs, prevent wandering at elderly persons homes, and much more.

By upgrading your CCTV cameras through Guardforce, you will benefit from amongst others:

  • Reduced risk of overlooking suspicious or actual criminal behavior

  • Reduced reliance on human operators

  • Instant recognition of threats based on preset parameters

  • Reduced investigation time through powerful analytics

  • Insights to improve customer experience and drive marketing and merchandising decisions

  • Easy-to-access and user-friendly reporting on hand

Talk to Guardforce now to upgrade your electronic security

Guardforce is an expert in providing easy-to-install and cost-effective solutions to improve your electronic security using the latest technology. Talk to us today to see how you can upgrade your CCTV in Thailand and for more information, simply download our electronic security catalogue below.

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