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Security Trends In Guarding Services 2023

The security guard industry is currently experiencing probably its most challenging times to date in the face of labour shortages, advances in technology, evolving customer needs and the increasing complexities of security threats that exist. These factors are leading to a transformation in both the services security companies provide and indeed how their security guard perform their roles to keep people and premises safe in the modern era. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the security trends in guarding services in 2023 which all security service providers should take note of.

1. Taking a proactive approach on risk assessment and analysis

Security guard companies should now be taking a more proactive and comprehensive approach to risk assessment to mitigate security risks even before they arise – something which was never really done before. Customers are demanding security companies to pre-identify vulnerabilities and provide the right strategy to combat threats of all kinds, allowing companies to focus on the most critical. This risk management approach should take advantage new technologies along with traditional manned security guarding to optimize resources and ensure cost effectiveness.

2. Incorporate technology at security guard posts

As mentioned above, it is important to incorporate technology in any security strategy. Technology at security guard posts is used for better surveillance capabilities, data recording, tracing patrol routes and enhancing communication. This allows for more comprehensive and efficient security management which relies less on human manpower. Guardforce Thailand, a trusted security provider in Thailand for almost 30 years, has already identified the need to combine technology with manned security services. It has developed a smart guarding solution which uses various electronic security devices to keep track of staff attendance, patrol route status and incident recording in real time, and to enhance communication with Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) which all work to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more here.

3. Take a hybrid approach, mixing manned security with technology

Again, the mixing of both manned security with technology is a key rising trend in the industry. By leveraging technology in a security strategy, improved surveillance, more effective staff performance and lower operating costs can be achieved. The hybrid approach works on the principal that some risks are better managed and prevented by using electronic security devices, while others still need humans to make decisions and take action. Examples of where technology is a more effective tool would be a security drone being used to provide an overview of a crowd or of high buildings, or automated patrol robots surveying an area at night or in adverse weather with thermal imaging. 

Other useful technology to incorporate into a hybrid security strategy could be a smart visitor management system which is again offered by Guardforce Thailand. Designed to be deployed at high-end residential complexes, the system smooths the security process for visitors and residents, improving the customer experience, reducing the need for paper records and manual work, while also improving overall security. Learn more here.

CCTV equipped with facial recognition and video analytics is also a highly effective crime prevention measure to consider.

4. Focus on guard training

Technology is only effective if the security guards using it and provided with the required training. As such, security companies should ensure their staff are fully trained on how to use the technology as well as any new crime threats, they may face.

Learn more about Guardforce Thailand’s smart guarding solutions

By combining electronic security measures with manned guarding, performing proactive risk assessments and ensuring adequate staff training, security companies can help mitigate the challenges the industry faces, while providing more cost-effective and comprehensive security services. Guardforce Thailand offers manned guarding solutions plus a variety of smart guarding solutions, including smart guard patrolling solutions, smart visitor management solutions,

robotics, drones and advanced CCTV with facial recognition and video analytics. To learn about these solutions and more, click here.

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