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To enhance guarding operational efficiency with technology

The advancement of technology has changed the way we live and operate. The traditional way of security guarding service reliant on manpower can no longer cope with the current standard, and people who need to perform security duties, be they vendors or client security managers, have to deal with different blind spots and pain points.

Guardforce as a pioneer of innovative security services integrates a multitude of innovative solutions that can enhance our security service level to help customers meet today’s challenges, improve internal operational efficiency and create long-term value.

Explore our comprehensive technology solutions that make Guardforce a market leader:

Smart Guard Attendance Solution – Track staff attendance automatically and accurately

Tracking guards’ clock-in and clock-out time accurately is a major concern for security companies and clients, especially a company that having a site located around nation wild. The Guardforce Smart Guard Attendance Solution, uses 4G standalone devices to enable time-stamping by scanning fingerprints, faces or RFID cards to detect and prevent false check-in. Clients can check attendance via a web-based portal remotely anytime anywhere via LINE and the web.  Reports can be generated easily by location or time slot, making staff attendance management a pain-free task.

Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) – New Era of security communication

PUSH-TO-TALK OVER CELLULAR (POC) - Guardforce ThailandUsing old models of walkie talkies is a major cause for delays or miscommunication that affect service quality, especially in emergency situations. Guardforce’s Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) ensures stable communication, and is coupled with the Dispatch Application equipped with group calling, GPS tracking and the Management Application that can be configured for customers to track guards’ real-time location remotely.



Smart Guard Patrolling Solution – Instant access to patrol status

NFC card replacing QR code check-in are installed at each patrol check point, so that supervisors and the management can view the real-time patrol status of each patrol route. This not only enhances patrol efficiency but also significantly reduces manual administration and paperwork and most importantly, avoid false check-in to ensure service quality.



Smart Visitor Management System – No more paper sign-in

SMART GUARD ATTENDANCE SOLUTION - guardforce thailandGuardforce provides a Smart Visitor Management System (VMS) solution to commercial and residential sites with 100% online application, allowing clients to monitor visitors entering the premises via a web-based application in real-time. It eliminates the need for signing in visitors manually and is fully compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act. All visitors’ data and summary reports can be retrieved anytime through a PC or phone.  Standard or Advance module will apply based on customer’s requirements or size of the site.

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