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Innovative way to perform outdoor control with real time monitoring

EV patrol – Instant response in large outdoor sites

EV Patrol Car - Guardforce ThailandEquipped with a solar-power kit, 24-hour recording high-definition camera and voice communication connected to the control room at all times, the solution is ideal for outdoor patrol of large sties. The control center can remotely monitor real-time occurrences on the site so that instant responses can be arranged for incidents that require immediate attention.



Drone Patrol solution – Perfect for large complex site overview

Drones can be used for the security of large and complex outdoor sites as well as major entertainment events. Our drone can self-navigate by digital mapping, supported by an object avoiding feature. In-built high-definition camera allows live viewing or video recording of complex’s overview from high angle for control room monitoring. It can conduct 30-minute patrolling per round when fully charged.

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