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Anti-epidemic Solution

Anti-epidemic Integrated Solution – To ensure public health safety through technology

Body temperature measurement has become commonplace in the region when entering public places such as offices, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, airports and other transport hubs. Under the new norm, although a necessary procedure, it is labour intensive and rather invasive.

As a pioneering security service provider, Guardforce provides innovative solutions powered by state-of-the-art technologies by integrating to other devices to simplify the body temperature process in a non-intrusive way.  

Face Access Terminal & Fever scan – One-stop access control and temperature checking

FACE ACCESS TERMINAL & FEVER SCAN - guardforce ThailandOur multi-functional access terminal is integrated with body temperature checking and facial recognition. The LCD monitor equipped with a camera can detect authorized personnel, measure body temperatures and grant access only if body temperature is within the preset level. This automated solution works with mask detection, and needs less manpower for monitoring busy public entrances that require tight monitoring.


Fever Screening Thermal Solution – Detect abnormal body temperatures

The plug-and-play solution is equipped with a thermal camera to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures with high accuracy in real-time. It is able to track up to 30 faces at the same time.  With a built-in speaker, a voice prompt alert can be sent to the responsible person via the associated mobile app when abnormal temperatures are detected. Face recognition and time attendance features can be added upon request. It is an ideal non-intrusive solution for activities or locations that have large crowds, such as concerts, exhibitions, events, shopping malls, commercial buildings and public transportation.


Smart Metal Detection Solution – An alternative way to detect body temperatures

SMART METAL DETECTIONThe metal detector with thermal body temperature detection can issue an alert for immediate attention when abnormal temperatures are detected. It can also count human traffic for events and generate management records.


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