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Smart Carpark Solution

End-to-end carpark management solution

Smart automation carpark management delivers seamless parking experience

Carparking can be elevated to become a user-friendly customer experience with fully automated smart carpark management solutions such as Guardforce’s Smart Carpark Management Solution.

Through a dedicated mobile app, drivers can scan the QR code at the entrance upon entry and view all vacant parking slots at a glance, without having to cruise around to find an available slot. When drivers are ready to leave, they can make payment at a kiosk using mobile payment. The whole parking system is seamless, easy and fast. No human staff are required to service drivers, so that human contact is minimised to make the process safer and more hygienic for all as a precautionary measure during the pandemic.

The smart carpark management system has completely overhauled the traditional manual car park systems, which require drivers to personally collect a ticket from a booth then go to a shroff office to pay the parking charge by cash, and physically search for their vehicle if they forget where exactly they parked.

Carpark management companies can rely on the innovative car park system to smartly manage and record the whole parking process, and reduce manpower for carpark management to reduce labour costs and mitigate public health risks.

The solution is ideal for upgrading the car park systems of shopping malls, residential and commercial buildings, school campuses, airports and other large public facilities. The automated and seamless parking system will elevate the efficiency for carparks to deliver a smooth experience for customers especially during high-traffic hours and weekends.

The Guardforce smart carpark management solution offers the following benefits:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Elevate traffic efficiency
  • Save manpower
  • Reduce recurring expenses such as paper tickets
  • Provide one-stop solution to carpark management
  • Sharpen company image

A flexible combination of special features can be added to the parking system based on customers’ requirements:

  • License plate recognition
  • Carpark vacancy indicator
  • Parking space pre-registration

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