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Well-trained security personnel monitoring ensure safety of your premises

Professional control room operator safeguard your premises

A CCTV control room is a must-have for the security operation centre of any important facilities. It serves to reinforce the first line of overall monitoring of every corner of the premises. A reliable control room must be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to stay at the cutting-edge of security control.

A well-equipped control room also needs a highly qualified control room operator who can make the most of the capabilities of the advanced equipment The operator must assign a team of professional and reliable guards who are attentive, intelligent and observant, who can think on their feet and can quickly respond to emergent situations instantaneously and appropriately.

Throughout its exemplary history of serving Thailand, Guardforce Thailand has built an elite team of well-trained security personnel ready to deliver their professional security services at the control rooms of clients’ premises.

The Guardforce Thailand security team offers 24/7 service support for all security check duties. The team not only serves as a CCTV operator. Guardforce also takes on responsibilities for fire and intrusion alarms response, communication, back-up support and coordination with manned and patrol security guards, as well as all other security services as required.

The Guardforce security guards have gone through stringent background checks and are required to undertake ongoing professional training on various aspects of their job. This guarantees they are always well prepared to respond to emergencies such as when a fire occurs. They are also trained to communicate effectively and respectfully with corporate clients’ staff and customers. The meticulous checks and training ensure the security team is best equipped at all times to serve as a facility’s most reliable CCTV operator for every client.   

Clients are kept up to date with regular reports such as incident and access reports tailored to their requests, and full assistance will be offered in incident investigation when needed.

The service is critical and ideal for shopping malls, factories, public utilities such as metro stations, airports, hospitals, commercial buildings and condominiums, and any other large facilities that ought to have a security control room to upkeep a safe environment for the large number of users enjoying the facilities.

Outsource control room duties to Guardforce and enjoy one-stop and cost-efficient support that will deliver greater peace of mind.

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