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Robotics solutions make use of robots to replace human tasks. Robotics are increasingly adopted with proven benefits for workforce optimisation. Multifunctional and fully automated robots offer consistent performance as well as manpower saving.  Various robotic applications have been around for years, mostly in industrial settings. But as technology rapidly advances and needs evolve, so does the use of them in the commercial world. This trend is also being accelerated by a lack of labour supply in certain areas and the impact of the pandemic.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, and tech companies are realizing there are needs in the commercial world to be fulfilled. This has boosted developments in self-navigationAIIoT and battery life, leading to a booming use of robotics in the commercial sector. This means that we are seeing more and more robotics moving outside of their traditional manufacturing roles into retail, customer service, hospitality, transportation, logistics and distribution, and healthcare, to name but a few.

Greeting & Service Robot – Pepper

Manufactured by Softbank Robotics, Pepper is designed to interact with human.  With its friendly, interactive design and special features, it is an ideal solution to take up customer services role for retailers, hospitality, public facilities, and commercial & residential building.


  • Natural and expressive movement
  • Speech recognition in 15 languages
  • Responsive to human verbal communication
  • Media display
  • Touch sensors, LEDs and microphones for multimodal interactions.
  • autonomous navigation
  • equipped with 2D and 3D cameras & infrared sensors

Patrol Robot

In view of its consistence performance and reliability, Patrol Robots are geared up for 24/7 security patrol and mobile monitoring of indoor and outdoor venues, even in extreme weather conditions. Facial recognition can be added to identify unauthorised visitors and send live images or alerts to control centres.  Risks are therefore are minimized through this remote control model and operations efficiency is also enhanced.  This solution is ideal for factory sites, shopping mall, airports and building complex. 


  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks for real-time monitoring 
  • Pre-set patrol routes
  • Multiple sensors for obstacle avoidance
  • 360-degree camera enabled for full view and HD night vision
  • Security flashlight
  • Headlights

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