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Guardforce Security (Thailand) Company Limited is a leading security company which provides comprehensive innovative security solutions. Composed of 3 business entities, Guardforce Security (Thailand) Co., Ltd; Guardforce Aviation Security Co., Ltd and Guardforce Service Solution, we offer a diversified service portfolio that differentiates us from our peers.

With almost three decades of proven expertise, Guardforce Thailand offers integrated security services, supported by our team of more than 5,000 well-trained security personnel deployed in 6 offices in Thailand.

As Thailand’s leading security company, we offer a full range of comprehensive solutions to support our customers from various sectors in Thailand, including banks, government organisations, retailers, shopping malls, hotels, airports and other corporations. Our security services scope cover:


We’re also a detail-oriented company made up of dedicated individuals who focus on the smallest details to ensure we cover all the aspects of every particular assignment. 

In our ability to deliver multi-disciplinary, innovative security solutions, we have the benefit of years of experience and training that allows us to see what is needed. We look at every assignment from a well-trained, objective viewpoint.  

This has been the philosophy that made it possible to expand our services into aviation and electronic solutions. It has also been the reason why we have become the leading supplier of security solutions for the professional business world. 


Guardforce began as a manned-guarding service, and we have been providing rigorously-vetted and highly-trained guards to businesses, facilities and events all over Thailand since 1990.

We soon saw how the personal touch we provide could be applied to airport security as well, where successful interaction with the public is crucial. We launched Guardforce Aviation Security Co., Ltd. soon after starting our parent company.


We take care of airport security and services-related operations, from pre-boarding, security checking, such as travel document checking, and airport pass issuing, to airport checkpoint security inspection and catering inspections for airports all over Thailand.

We also provide supporting airport services which add value to the airport operations, such as airport wheelchair service, airport concierge, etc . We provide cleaning services for airline lounges and offices at the airports as well. 


Guardforce saw the need for the integration of technology into our security services. We established Guardforce Service Solutions in response to this need and have since focused on seven different aspects of the technological side of the security business. 

Electronic security is the installation and monitoring alarm systems and access control systems that provide the first line of defence against unauthorised access and intrusion.

Facial recognition systems provide the means of effective identification and monitoring of VIPS and whitelisted and blacklisted people.

Licence plate recognition allows for the enhanced management of carpark facilities and provides increased levels of security.

Video analytics technology allows our customers and ourselves to reduce the number of security guards and length of investigation times in large facilities. It also provides for making records of crimes and other events and recognising threats. 

Retail Analytics is the discipline of using video analytics equipment to determine shopper’s habits and try to optimise their shopping experiences and spending habits. 

Robotics Solutions is the use of robots in a patrol capacity or for remote surveillance. Robots can also be used for gas and temperature detection in situations and places where it would be dangerous for humans to venture. 

Cyber Security also became a much-needed technology as the risks of cyber-theft and sabotage started to become a real concern in the business world. We keep track of all the latest tools and channels used to infiltrate a computer system and compile risk assessments for our customers. We also mitigate these risks and offer a technical hotline to address any cyber-security concerns.   

The Guardforce group of companies in Thailand is dedicated to delivering professional, reliable and innovative services to protect lives and assets.
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Total security solution

Guardforce holds the Security Company Licenses issued by the Royal Thai Police in Thailand. The licences authorise us to carry out a full range of security services, from private guarding to aviation security.

Premium Guard

Guardforce has built a premium guard to deliver excellent security services. The collective experience of the Guardforce team and the disciplined chain of command in the ranks ensure customers enjoy the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Technologically driven approach

Guardforce is quick to leverage advanced technologies and security installations to tailor customer-oriented solutions that not only serve security functions but also contribute to enhancing clients’ business performance.

Ongoing Training

Our people are the most valuable assets. Guardforce offers ongoing training to our security professionals to ensure they stay up to date with all security innovation and technology and stay sharp and alert in their job.

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