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Security Officers, Thank You!


Security officers keep our homes, offices and community safe. Their professionalism and hard work deserve our appreciation. Last year, we celebrated International Security Officers’ Day (ISOD) for the first time. Internally across the regions, we were delighted to have all our management teams convey to staff the message that their hard work was appreciated by the company. Externally we were touched by the positive feedback received from customers through supportive emails or actions. A big thank you to all who made a difference on the day.   It is our vision and endeavour to bring together the whole society to show appreciation to our Security Officers and fellow security professionals around the world.

Do join in to show our appreciation on the day, and salute security officers for their contributions to our businesses and to the society by share your kind words and appreciation cards or use any other means to express your appreciation. You can also join us on our social media channels to spread the message:

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