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License Plate Recognition

Enhance carpark management with survillance and analytics system

A cost-effective solution for carpark management

Guardforce Thailand offers a License Plate Recognition solution using cameras and image/video analytics to enhance carpark management.

The multi-functional features of the solution help to operate carparks with greater efficiency at lower costs. It also doubles up as a surveillance system to enhance security, and can be used to collect car owners’ habit data.

The solution can be integrated with different systems to perform add-on functions such as parking lot navigation and car finding assistance.

Guardforce Thailand’s License Plate Recognition Solution offers the following attributes:

  • Auto Alert feature to detect suspicious cars 
  • Fast recognition of cars going at a high speed of up to 120km/h 
  • Support worldwide license plates recognition and able to read license numbers and city names 
  • Capture images of a vehicle's undercarriage discreetly 
  • High accuracy with state-of-the-art technology 
  • Boost efficiency with speeded-up procedures 
  • Quick check-in and check-out to deliver better customer experience 
  • Sensor-free


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