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A trusted one-stop security solution provider for Thailand

A trusted security partner for Thailand

Guardforce Security (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand in 1990 is a recognised leader in Thailand’s security industry.

Award-winning Guardforce Aviation Security Co., Ltd has been operating for almost three decades providing full security and other services for Thailand’s airports. 

Guardforce Service Solutions Co., Ltd, established 20 years ago, specialises in providing electronic security and technology-based security solutions.

The Guardforce group of companies in Thailand is dedicated to delivering professional, reliable and innovative services to protect lives and assets. We maintain a specialised team of over 5,000 well-trained and stringently-vetted security professionals and make use of state-of-the-art technologies to deliver top-notch security services with functions beyond security. Guardforce is at the top of the list of security companies in Thailand, trusted by leading banks and corporations.

One-stop solutions offering diversified services

Guardforce is a leading one-stop solution provider of a diversified service portfolio that differentiates us from our peers. Our services encompass Security Personnel, Aviation Services and Security Technologies.

We provide our well-trained, reliable and presentable security personnel to different forms of guarding duties in clients’ premises. We leverage security technologies to ensure safety of assets and premises and also use technologies to support clients’ operations.

As Thailand’s leading provider of specialist aviation security services, Guardforce delivers experience, professionalism and ISO-certified quality in our comprehensive range of aviation services.

Our clients are from diverse fields of various scales, from financial institutions to retail, from giant multi-national corporations to individual homes.


The Guardforce group of companies in Thailand is dedicated to delivering professional, reliable and innovative services to protect lives and assets.
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Total security solution

Guardforce holds the Security Company Licenses issued by the Royal Thai Police in Thailand. The licences authorise us to carry out a full range of security services, from private guarding to aviation security.

Premium Guard

Guardforce has built a premium guard to deliver excellent security services. The collective experience of the Guardforce team and the disciplined chain of command in the ranks ensure customers enjoy the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Technologically driven approach

Guardforce is quick to leverage advanced technologies and security installations to tailor customer-oriented solutions that not only serve security functions but also contribute to enhancing clients’ business performance.

Ongoing Training

Our people are the most valuable assets. Guardforce offers ongoing training to our security professionals to ensure they stay up to date with all security innovation and technology and stay sharp and alert in their job.

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